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  • With Paul Shane, Jeffrey Holland, Su Pollard, Donald Hewlett. Adventures and misadventures of Lord Meldrum, his family and their servants.

Martha oder Der Markt zu Richmond ( Friedrich von Flotow): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Equestrian sports are among those contested at the Summer Olympic Games. Equine events began at the Olympics in 1900, when competitions in polo (considered by the.

Lord Meldrum is a wealthy widower and he owns a rubber factory. He lives with his brother Teddy, mother in law Lady Lavender and two daughters, Poppy and Cissy.

You Rang Mylord Download

Meldrum is having an affair with Lady Agatha, wife of his rival Sir Ralph. He is trying to persuade Teddy to marry a socialite Madge Cartwright, but Teddy fancies servant girls more than the upper class ladies so he's reluctant to marry Madge. Poppy is a flapper who often flirts with the servant James. She's very different from her sister Cissy - in appearance as well as in attitude. Cissy fancies women more than men, she wears male clothes and is a member of the workers movement and a workers political party. Lady Lavender is extravagant, she owns a parrot and likes to throw food at servants.

The servants live downstairs and they consist of Mrs. Lipton, the cook; James, a stuck up and snobbish servant; Henry, the youngest servant who usually gets kicked behind the ear by James or Mrs.