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V/H/S/2 Movie Free Download

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V/H/S/2 Movie Free Download

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V/H/S/2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. V/H/S/2. Theatrical release poster. Directed by. Produced by. Roxanne Benjamin. Gary Binkow. Kyle David Crosby. Brad Miska. Jamie Nash.

Written by. Simon Barrett (Tape 4. Phase I Clinical Trials)Jamie Nash (A Ride in the Park)Timo Tjahjanto and Gareth Huw Evans (Safe Haven)John Davies (Slumber Party Alien Abduction)Starringsee below. Music by. James Guymon. Steve Moore. Aria Prayogi.

Fajar Yuskemal. Cinematography. Tarin Anderson. Abdul Dermawan Habir. Stephen Scott. Seamus Tierney. Jeff Wheaton. Edited by. Jason Eisener. Gareth Huw Evans. David Geis. Bob Rose. Eduardo S. It features a series of found- footage shorts.

It is the sequel to the film V/H/S. Each short film is linked together with the concept of found footage (each segment is from the VHS tapes found in the first film). Tape 4. 9/frame narrative.

After breaking into Kyle's dorm, they discover a large stack of VHS tapes and a laptop that is still recording a video. On the laptop, Kyle discusses the VHS tapes, saying where he got one of the most recent ones, and Larry tells Ayesha to watch the tapes while he inspects the house. As Ayesha watches the first tape, a figure peers out and watches her. Ayesha calls Larry into the room, and they discuss the tapes' legitimacy. Larry tells Ayesha to continue viewing the tapes, which Kyle's video explains they must be watched in the proper order .

After being woken, she says she has a migraine. Larry leaves to find medicine, and a seemingly entranced Ayesha watches another tape. From the shadows, the figure crawls out and watches her. Upon Larry's return, he discovers Ayesha lying on the floor with her gun in hand and a bullet wound in her head, implying she has killed herself. A VHS tape with the word . Larry picks up the tape and anxiously watches it.

Confused, Larry watches the webcam footage and sees Kyle explain that he and his mother want to make their own tape; Kyle then attempts suicide on- camera by shooting himself through his jaw, but seemingly survives, even though his jaw is completely ripped off, and runs off moments before Larry and Ayesha enter the dorm. An undead Ayesha suddenly attacks Larry. When he breaks her neck, she chases after him on all fours. Larry hides in a closet and shoots Ayesha in the face when she finds him. Larry hears a gurgling sound and explores the closet only to find Kyle hiding in the back.

Kyle strangles Larry and afterwards gives the camera a . The doctor warns that he may experience . That night at his home, he is haunted by a man and young girl, both of whom appear dead. Herman calls the doctor to demand that he remove the implant, and spends the night locked in his bathroom. The next day, the red- haired woman, Clarissa, appears at his door, asking him if he is starting to see dead people. She reveals that she was born deaf and had an implant installed in her ear, which allowed her to hear but also gave her the ability to hear dead people.

Herman suggests that if he has the implant removed the ghosts will go away but Clarissa explains that removing the implant will just keep Herman from seeing the ghosts, not send them away. She then asks if Herman has ever hurt anyone but he doesn't answer. Suddenly the ghost of Clarissa's . She seems unaffected by this saying that he wasn't a very nice guy. She then explains that the ghosts become stronger when one pays attention to them, so they have sex in an effort to ignore them. Later that night, the ghosts of the dead man and young girl appear and an unseen force drowns Clarissa in the outdoor pool. Running back through the house in an effort to escape the ghosts, Herman again locks himself in the bathroom and uses a straight razor to cut out his eye.

Herman then opens the door to escape but unwittingly runs directly into the ghosts who throttle him and stuff the eye, still attached to the razor, down his throat, presumably killing him. A Ride in the Park.

Mike then sees several zombies approaching them, before he is suddenly attacked and bitten on the throat by the woman, whom he kills. Mike staggers through the park, heavily bleeding, before finally collapsing and apparently dying.

A pair of bikers come across him and attempt to help, but he reanimates, attacks, and partially devours them. Hearing noise in the distance, the three zombies head off towards it. The trio invades a young girl's birthday party, killing several people, some of whom reanimate to attack others.