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Screenshot Captor 4 Download

Screenshot Captor 4 Download

This program isn’t the most powerful screenshot tool, but it offers almost everything an average user will need in a easy- to- use interface. The software allows users to save an image of the full screen, an active window, or any rectangular area as a graphics file. However, it can’t take pictures of menus or documents that require scrolling.

  1. LATEST OFFICIAL RELEASE. Download v4.16.1 (or get the portable zip) Dec 12, 2015 - XP/VISTA/Win7/Win8/Win10.
  2. Screenshot Captor Freeware - screen capture tool. I use it very often and it has many powerful & useful functions. Ugly interface is the main problem with small.
  3. Screenshot Captor est un excellent outil dans son domaine. Il propose de nombreuses fonctionnalit.
  4. Screenshot Captor 4.16.1: Quickly and easily take screenshots using keyboard shortcuts.
  5. DuckCapture, free and safe download. DuckCapture latest version: Simple but perfect screen captures. DuckCapture is a flexible - and free - screen capture tool that.

It offers editing features including cropping, highlighting, blurring, and resizing, but lacks annotation components such as text balloons or arrows. The interface makes it easy to manage several screenshots at once. All told, we feel comfortable recommending Screenshot Captor as one of the best freeware tools in its category.

Consequently, screenshot tools allow users to save parts of their screen when it isn. Screenshots are important for explanations and tutorials as well as software reviews, as can be seen from the screenshots included in the Best Free Windows Software category of reviews found right here on dot.

Free Download Screenshot Captor 4.16.1 - Optimized for taking lots of screenshots with minimal intervention, this program also comes packed with mul. Screenshot Captor, download gratis. Screenshot Captor 4.16.1: Problemi di screenshot? Screenshot Captor, free and safe download. Screenshot Captor latest version: Simple and functional screenshot program. Screenshot Captor is a low-resource, highly. Ge 3 Quart Oval Slow Cooker Manual there.

Screenshot Captor 4 Download

Tech. Screenshot tools are also invaluable for documenting information found on web pages and are sometimes the easiest way of recording information from such a source. The issue, however, is there are so many screenshot programs for Windows out there, it is hard to pinpoint the good ones. That is why we, after receiving feedback from dot. Techies (thank you to everyone that participated!), have received the best screenshot programs and listed them for you here. Check out more articles on the best free Windows programs from here. Table of Contents. Best Free Screenshot Tool.

Program Name: Pic. Pick. Developer: NTe. WORKSDownload Size: 8. MBVersion Reviewed: 3. Requires: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/Server.

Approximate Memory Usage While Idle: 2. MBPros. Several options for taking screenshots such as full- screen and scrolling window. Built- in image editor.

Several sharing options including the sharing of images via Facebook and Twitter. Ability to set hotkeys to activate certain functions instantly. Allows for the saving of files to several formats. Very straightforward to use. Cons. Bulky main window. Free to non- commercial use only.

Commercial users need to purchase a license. Discussion. Pic. Pick is an excellent screenshot program which offers users a high level of functionality and, like Fast. Stone Capture, covers all aspects of taking and managing screenshots. Take note that Pic. Pick is also an image editor but we will only be focusing on the screenshot functionality and how the image editor part Pic. Pick can be used to supplement that. The screenshot options of Pic.

Pick are as follows: Capture the fullscreen. Capture a specific window. Scrolling window capture (allows users to take a screenshot of window that has scroll bars and needs to be scrolled to see the whole page, such as a website)Capture a rectangular region of the screen. Capture a fixed region of the screen. Capture a free hand region of the screen. Repeat the last capture.

Pic. Pick includes an image editor which allows for the adjusting of several aspects of the captured image. Users can: Add text. Change the foreground and background colors. Add objects and text to the captured image. Crop the image. Resize the image. Rotate the image.

Invert the colors. Change the color to gray scale. Pixelate the image. Blur or sharpen the image. Adjust the brightness/contrast of the image.

Adjust the hue/saturation of the image. Adjust the color balance. Pic. Pick also has comprehensive sharing options by offering users the option to share their images via Facebook and Twitter in addition to the following: Share via email. Share via the web. Share via ftp. Additionally users can of course carry out the traditional saving of the image to their hard drives as . PNG, . PDF, . BMP, .

JPG or as . GIF files. Users can also choose to send their screenshots to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint or to an external program. Users can also open files from windows explorer, copy images from the clipboard or copy images from a URL. Users also have the option of printing their screenshots from directly within the program. I have found no significant issues with Pic. Pick. One minor issue, however, is that unless operated via hotkey, the program.

With Fast. Stone Capture, features can be manually selected from its quite tiny main window (in addition to hotkey functionality), which is very handy. It is clear however that Pic. Pick is one of the most effective options for capturing screenshots available to users; it is both simple and filled with advanced features. Runner Up. Program Name: Fast. Stone Capture. Developer: Fast. Stone Soft. Download Size: 1. MBVersion Reviewed: 5.

Requires: Windows 9. Approximate Memory Usage While Idle: 8 MBNote: Fast. Stone Capture used to be completely freeware but is now shareware. If you want the latest version of Fast. Stone Capture, you will need to purchase it. However, Fast. Stone Capture v.

Discussion. Fast. Stone Capture is a powerful program which is capable of taking a screenshot in several different ways allowing the user to produce the highest quality and most suitable images easily. All of the options needed for taking a screenshot are found in the tiny main window of the program. The options for taking screenshots are as follows: Capture the active window.

Capture a window/object. Capture a rectangular region of the screen. Capture a freehand region of the screen. Capture the full screen. Capture a scrolling window. Also found on the main window are the options for outputting the screenshot.

Users can choose the following: Output.