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Recovery Media Creation Software Download

HP Support document - HP Support Center. Disconnect from the Internet and close all other programs. Creating recovery discs is a resource- intensive process. You should not use your computer for other work while the computer is creating recovery discs. Click Start. ), and enter recovery manager. Search field. If a User Account Control message opens, click Yes.

For best results, HP recommends that you temporarily. Windows User Account Control. A Recovery Manager window opens. Click either Recovery Media Creation.

Recovery Disc Creation. Window. NOTE: If Recovery Media Creation or Recovery Disc Creation is not available (grayed out), then a recovery image has already been created. Due to license restrictions, only one set of recovery media can be created. Any new recovery media must be ordered online or obtained using another method. Figure 1: Recovery Manager: Recovery Media selection Do one of the following, depending what is shown in the Recovery Manager window: If Welcome to Recovery Disc Creation. Next. to continue. If Welcome to Recovery Media Creation.

Recovery Media Creation Software Download

Create recovery media using blank DVD(s). Next. to continue. Figure 2: Recovery Manager: Recovery Media selection The Recovery Disc Creation program displays the number of discs needed to create your set of recovery discs. Obtain the same number of blank DVDs as shown in the window and label them, according to their disc number, using a permanent marker. For example, if your recovery requires 2 discs, mark the first disc 1 of 2. Figure 3: Recovery Disc Creation: Number of discs needed. Insert the first blank DVD and close the disc tray.

Click Next. to continue. NOTE: An Auto. Play message might open when you insert the blank disc.

If it does, close it by clicking on the x. This message has nothing to do with creating recovery discs. A verification window opens, showing the disc type and the number of discs needed. Figure 4: Recovery Disc Creation: Disc verification window.

Click Next. . The Recovery Disc Creation window opens and displays the status of the following processes: Collecting files - . The program collects needed files from the recovery partition. Writing files - . The program burns the first disc.

Verifying disc - . The program verifies the contents of each disc.

This article applies to laptops and desktops running Windows 10: upgraded from a previous version of Windows and experiencing issues with startups or need to do a.

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  1. Efficient & easy to use recovery utility for deleted, damaged or lost files, even if your PC doesn't boot. Active@ File Recovery for Windows provides the ability to.
  2. Met Windows 8.1 Media Creation Tool, the handy utility to download Windows 8.1 ISO file and create installation media on the go.
  3. Active@ UNDELETE is a powerful data recovery software that helps you to recover deleted files and restore deleted partitions.
  4. Learn how to create installation media for installing or reinstalling Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

Figure 5: Recovery Disc Creation: Creating disc 1 of 1. CAUTION: Cancelling the write process in the middle might result in a corrupted and unusable disc. Before cancelling, wait until the disc has completed its write and verification process and prompts for the next disc. Wait for a message stating that disc creation was successful. Figure 6: Recovery Disc Creation: Disc creation successful.

When the disc has been created, the disc tray opens automatically. If prompted for another disc, insert it into the disc tray.

NOTE: The Auto. Play message might display on the desktop. If it does, close it by clicking on the x. This message has nothing to do with creating recovery discs. The same process begins for Disc 2 and subsequent discs, if they are required.

Hp Recovery Media Creation Software Download

With the successful burning of each disc, a Disc creation successful. Continue creating discs until Recovery Disc Creation has successfully created all recovery discs.

Figure 7: Recovery Disc Creation: Recovery Disc Creation complete. Click Finish. . Be sure all discs are marked appropriately, and save them in a safe place. CAUTION: It is important to protect the discs you created. Store these discs in a safe dark place away from sunlight. If you attempt to create another set of recovery discs after successfully creating one set of discs, a screen displays stating only one recovery set is allowed. Your only choice is to click OK.

If the first recovery disc set is incomplete or damaged and this message opens, use another method to obtain new discs. See. Looking for Recovery Discs?

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