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Moon Tycoon Download

Free Download Games Harvest Moon Back To Nature For PC Full Version. Free Download Games Harvest Moon Back To Nature For PC Full Version. Harvest moon is a game that tells a story of a boy who would become the successor of his grandfather who had died in a village. The child should be able to keep the farm his grandfather well and also be able to socialize with the residents in the village. To do it all, he was given the opportunity by the village chief for 3 years. If the child did it so he can settle there. But otherwise if he fails then he will be expelled by the locals and will not be accepted again in the village.

History Of Harvest Moon. History of Harvest Moon was first started in the SNES. Game is in Japanese named Bokojou Monogatari is directly capture the attention of gamers in Japan because gameplaynya unique and original. Only the first Harvest Moon was not known by the vast because it is released at the end of the lifetime of the SNES console. More ironically, was when he entered the U. S. With the canopy Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, this game shows what appears to be very popular with the ladies (and men) in the world; a farm simulation game with a cute appearance - with the added element simulation love it!

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature became one of the most successful versions in this series that makes Natsume tempted to reprint it and release it in a portable version on the GBA. Portable concept promoted by the GBA was able to realize a world of Harvest Moon is very dynamic.

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GBA version of Harvest Moon is cut off slightly from the version Playstationnya (caused by the limited ability of the tiny GBA cartridge), yet it is redeemed with a seductive lure, which brings us to a farm anywhere in our pockets! Imagine: you're bored on the go without a job, and we can just plant and dating. Wandered into the world of our own farm in Mineral Town! We are required to plant a variety of vegetables in our fields, care for our livestock, harvest, and pick up one of the 5 girls available (six if we count a special girl) as our wives. If we are fond of simulation- type game, Harvest Moon will satisfy our needs. We are not only required to dwell in the place of our agriculture - but also to interact and socialize with a variety of characters in our city.

Moon Tycoon Download

Initially, we may be burdened with this task and it is in our daily lives. But if we are patient and continue to establish good relations with the sprites, then within a short time we will get a lot of helpers who are ready to work for us. Having toiled in the Spring, Summer, and Fall (Autumn), then in the Winter we can reap the rewards and the fun begin and devote time to draw the attention of girls that we like. Everything is free at will! For business graphics and sound, maybe Harvest Moon is not the foremost in its field. There is still a Golden Sun or Lunar Legends instance that has 2. D graphics and 3.

D semi- are more qualified. After all, it does not mean the Harvest Moon has bad graphics. Almost all of the graphics from the original game - with no significant loss of quality. Voice in the Harvest Moon is a major weakness in this game. Very repetitive and boring. We prefer to build everything from scratch? This game has a very high replay value if so.

We could keep trying new game and get the different farming conditions. Although our principle to achieve true prosperity together, we can use a variety of different variations to do so. Maybe now we want to focus on being a farmer, miner, or even catching fish rather than a farmer? Or we're bored with our wives and want to start from scratch to find another woman of your dreams?

The choice is ours! Harvest Moon Gameplay. In this game we will feel how to live my life as a farmer who should really be able to manage the farm to manage their farms.

In order for agriculture that we have to survive and thrive. The first time we visited the farm. We will see there is a vast land full of weeds and stones. There also exist a small house for us to live, a chicken coop, a horse barn, a stable of cows & sheep are put together, a fish pond, water mill (to convert corn into chicken feed), a tree which, if occupied by bees then we every day can take it to the honey we eat or we sell, mailbox, bin (a box that we can use to put things that we will sell), the kennels and also during our play will be accompanied by a dog that already exists on the ground . Before playing the first of all we must fill ourselves biographical data, provide a name for our farm, and name the dog that will accompany us during our play. After that we will be able to speak directly with the village head.

Games List - M: Magic Academy. Investigate the disappearance of your sister from the Higher Academy of Arwindale in this mystical seek & find game! Harvest Moon reached its heyday in the world when his first series was released for the Playstation. With the canopy Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, this game shows.

He then read out the rules that we must meet for us to be farmers in the village at the same time will also take us around the village. During our tour we can figure out what buildings are there in the village and anyone who inhabit the building. To begin we are given a small bag, money for 1. Software Products Images.

Download Game House Full Version.