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Matricom G-Box Midnight Mx2 Manual

Matricom sent me one of their latest G-Box Midnight MX2 media player based on AMLogic AML8726-M6, with 1GB RAM, 8 GB flash, running Android 4.2, and with. Fully running version of ubuntu 12.10 armhf, kernel 3.0.42++ (latest mali from sunxi), sata and XBMC. PmM included to process nand install. G-Box Midnight $129 CDN G-box Canada is Canada's Leading Provider of G-Box Products dedicated to 100% Customer Support and Service of our Products and After Sale. Program your Matricom G-Box Q with the latest and greatest add-ons in few minutes flat. Simply plug our G-Box-Q Key into your G-Box Midnight Q, then press.

Matricom G-Box Midnight Mx2 ManualMatricom G-Box Midnight Mx2 Manual

Matricom – G- Box Android TV Box – Kodi / XBMC Player. Do you own the G- Box Q? Well, we’ve got great news for you!

Fix the G-Box Q Problems. Update your G-Box Q Firmware to 1.2 using the System update or OTA Updater.

A common issue is how to setup a VPN on the MX2. There are several steps involved with setting up the VPN. First, navigate to the android settings screen. Android Devices - Disk Mark Rating. Pacific Rim 5.1 Download Free Game Pc read more. This chart compares the Disk Mark Rating made using PerformanceTest Mobile benchmark results and is updated daily. In 2014, Matricom released the G-Box Q (also known as the GQ). The GQ is the third generation set-top box in the 'G-Box' series and the official successor to.

With the release of the new G- Box Q. This new firmware, version 2. Q, bringing Android 5 Lollipop to the..

MX2 - Matricom Knowledge Base. G- Box Midnight MX2. The G- Box MX2. Also known as. MX2. Product family. Category: G- Box.

Generation. IIOperating system. Android 4. 2. 2. Power.

Amlogic A9. Memory. GB DDR3. Storage. A/V, HDMI, S/PDIFInput(Details)4 USB Ports. S/PDIF Coaxial. HDMIA/VSD Slot.

Ethernet. Connectivity. IEEE 8. 02. 1. 1 b/g/n. Ethernet. Predecessor. G- Box Midnight. Successor.

G- Box QHistory. The MX2 was released in 2. G- Box Midnight. It sports a dualcore Amlogic A9 and the Mali.

It is capable of scaled 1. Changing these settings without proper knowledge can lead to catastrophic consequences. Navigate to the android settings and under Wireless & Networks, choose Portable Hotspot.

Before enabling the Hotspot, take a moment to set up the hotspot. You can configure the Network SSID, Security, and Password. Once set to your liking, enable the portable hotspot. This will disable your wireless connection and allow devices to connect to the MX2. The 1. 1. 6 Firmware is preinstalled with a Super. User application. On your box, go to your app drawer.

You will see an application called . Once you have opened the application you will be presented with a prompt to install the Super. User . Choose the option to . Now when you use an application the following prompt will display. Note: Be extremely cautious of what apps you give root privileges. Some apps use root maliciously and Matricom is not responsible for sensitive information lost or stolen.

There are several steps involved with setting up the VPN. It will prompt you to adjust your security settings on the MX2. You will the option to choose between . This is not recommended. Pin - A numerical password. Password - An alphanumeric password.

Once you have your security settings completed, in the upper right hand corner, you will see a plus. Click on that and the VPN screen will appear. You will need your account information for the VPN to be able to successfully set it up.

You will need to know the. Name. Type. Server Address. The VPN is now completed and you can use it as you need. Most users will want to resolve the buffering issue. To do so, follow the guide below. First and foremost, we need to isolate the causes for the slow buffering.

This can be achieved by a quick speed test. Download Speed. Test app from the Google Play Store and run the application or navigate to http: //speedof. Once the results are in, navigate to http: //speedtest.

PC and run the same test. Compare both results and follow the scenario below. The speeds do not match. The speeds do match. Speeds do not match.

If the speeds do not match, the common issue is how it's connected. If you are using Wi. Fi, connect to the Ethernet port if possible and run the speed test again. This will allow us to isolate the Wi.

Fi as a problem. If the speeds improve, the product may be to far from the access point or have a faulty wireless card. Contact a support representative for more information. Refer to the table below for more information on what is recommended for proper streaming. In the email, please include your product, order number, and network configuration (including model numbers of your router or modem). The email is support@matricom. For instance, some 3rd party add- ons will be under heavy operating load and users will experience slow buffering. Isolate the add- on and perform a buffering test on your MX2.

If you also have slow buffering, it's more than likely a sign that the server is experiencing high traffic. Remember that we have no control over 3rd party add- ons and so we will not have an ETA of a fix. Holding the reset switch down, plug the MX2 into the power source. When the Matricom Logo appears, continue holding down the reset button for about 2. At this point you can remove the toothpick from the A/V port. Allow up to 5 minutes for the firmware to flash. Afterwards you can flash the latest firmware on the box.

See the Section on flashing the Latest Firmware. Miracast. Miracast is a protocol for mirroring one device to another.

In this case, the MX2 supports Miracast for devices that support the Miracast protocol. To enable Miracast, open the Miracast application. Once it is opened on the device you wish to connect, choose the device name that matches the device name on the MX2. If prompted, press allow for the device to connect. Navigate to the Settings. Mbox > Advanced > Sound and make sure that .

First, open up any Android app to see if the sound works here. If the sound works in the Android system, we can isolate it to XBMC. If sound does not work, then it's a system wide issue. If a reflash does not fix the issue, then a warranty claim must be made. This will not work because the port is analog. It still sends the digital signal, but it's converted to an analog signal only as a means of transport.

A coaxial rca cable is required for S/PDIF to function properly. You plug the 3. 5mm Jack into the S/PDIF port and the Red RCA jack into the S/PDIF coaxial port on your receiver. Here is an example of such cable: http: //www.