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Manual Camara Sony Hdv 1000

Error Code C: 3. 1: 2. Forums: Video Camera: Sony. Add Comment. . When a DV tape is in the camera, an error message flashes with the code: C: 3. When there is no tape, the error does not appear.

169 thoughts on “ Sony NEX-FS100 y NEX-FS700 ” victor alberto ayala 11/02/2015 a las 11:44 am. El club de amigos editores de video no-lineal. Foros, trucos, manuales, cursos, tutoriales, plug-in, etc. When a DV tape is in the camera, an error message flashes with the code: C:31:23. When there is no tape, the error does not.

Manual Camara Sony Hdv 1000

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I have cleaned the inside of my camera, tried different tapes, disconnected the battery, etc etc etc. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to fix my problem? J. Tue Jan 2. 5 1. PST 2. 00. 5. this prob alwas appear what does it mean C: 3. It can't be found anywhere. However, to service the C: 3.

Sony recommends you do the following: Turn off the camcorder. Remove the battery or disconnect the AC power adapter for 6. Insert the battery or reconnect the AC adapter.

Turn on the camcorder. If the error message appears, service may be required. If your camcorder still shows the same error code, then you'll have to send in your camcorder for service. I get paranoid now every time I put a tape in waiting for the beep beep noise. Then I can't use it at all. I have never had the code when I pick it up and go directly to record mode??? I also have the trc.

Wed, 1. 0 Aug 2. 00. This may seem silly, but it worked for me.

I found this on another discussion forum. Try smacking the side of the camera relatively hard with the palm of your hand. Eject the tape and reinsert. You may need to do this a couple of times.

Surprisingly it worked for me. It seemed to go away. Maybe the gears are getting worn. BTW I have a Sony TRV 5. Good Luck. Jeff. Sun, 1.

Aug 2. 00. 5 2. 3: 2. I'm weary of whacking a $5. Fonzi. Any new insights on how to fix this? Before you pay someone else to do this try it yourself. Sony have a habit of not giving any secerts away. NO doubt it's a design fault, which will cost you an arm & a leg to get repaired.

The smacking theory seems to be the thing that works. Some methods seem to follow from generation, to generation.

This old trick used to work with 'ye olde televisions. Seems as if Sony wanna carry this tradition into the year 2. Good luck all! I am the newest member of the ! I have the TRV- 2.

Since it was only 3. I have used it quite a bit, I bought TRV- 2. But after shutting it off and giving it a few open handed slaps on both sides of the unit it works fine!

I would not have believe it if I didnt try it! I have a TRV - 6. C3. 2: 2. 3 error conveniently in the middle of my Hawaiian vacation. Paid $1. 00 bucks to get it fixed when I got home. Fix lasted about 4 months.

Beat the tar out of it today and back to working fine. Hopefully long enough to transfer old tapes. This problem would not go away. Is there a special way to smack it. Thanks. Snehal Desai. Win 7 Activation Key Generator. Tue, 1. 1 Oct 2. 00.

I tried wacking the camera and it worked !! I had tried taking the battery out for several minutes, ejecting the tape.. Sony.. they said send it in.. IT'S WORKING!!! It was hilarious. Liz. Thu, 2. 0 Oct 2.

I have the Sony DCR TRVII and I thought it deserved a good smack after the VRC mode gave me that C3. My problem was a tape- maybe it was too old or had been used too many times.

Anyway, I didn't have to whack it, but switching tapes worked! Carol Wilson- Duffy. Fri, 2. 1 Oct 2. 00.

Holy Cow !! I can't believe it actually worked. My 4 year old Sony TRV- 1. C: 3. 1: 2. 3 error after I had transferred several tapes to the Computer in order to clear them up for an upcoming trip (I live in a real dry place). Thanks to Debbie for the .

I smacked it a few times like it was an electronic thing and it did not work. Then I hit it like I wanted to break it in frustration and wow it worked after that. Eager to see how long this fix remains. Ofcourse I will now go smack- happy on this thing if it misbehaves. Now to work on grey lines across the tape. Took a couple of tries, but it does work now.

Who needs an instruction manual? Just Google the error code! It has just come back with this fault supposedly fixed, but the C: 3.

I even bought new tapes thinking the old ones were worn, but the fault appears on them all. Haven't tried whacking it yet. I was having the flashing C: 3. I use this approach with musical devices for yr.

If it costs more than 5. Damned if it's not the same with cameras..

Mon, 7 Nov 2. 00. Well, I don't know where all you guys are from, but the slap abuse method works on Tasmanian TRV2. Deb. Encountered the error using JVC tapes, replaced the tape with another one and cracked the side of the camera - works fine (touch wood). So the rudeness helped! Wish I would have known this trick sooner.

I have been trying for a long time to fix my dcr- trv.