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Greddy Profec B Spec Manual

Greddy Profec B Spec Manual

Profec B II Installation on Nissan Z3. GREDDYPROFECB IIInstallation(will be updated upon. Thanks as usual to TT. Installing the Greddy PROFEC B II.

Find great deals on eBay for Greddy Profec B in. View all Greddy GReddy Profec B. Up for sale is a good working used Greddy Profec B-Spec 2 electronic. Greddy Profec B Spec Ii Electronic Boost Controller Manual GReddy (15500214) Profec Electronic Boost Controller: Automotive. Ebay Greddy Profec B Spec II Fail. GrimmSpeed Universal Manual Boost Controller.

Profec is also among. EBC's - - it gets the job done! There have been numerous posts. GREDDY. This is probably because the.

Greddy Profec B Spec Manual

TECH document for install of the APEXI unit (APEXI Super AVCR INSTALL) is. Greddy PROFEC. With the PROFEC, you only NEED to make. V) and then run the Greddy wiring. You won't have to mess with the. ECU at all (no splicing into the ECU).

As easy to use as a manual boost controller, but with advanced electronic boost controller response & consistency. When purchasing the Greddy Profec MAP. The GReddy PRofec and. Based on the very popular B-Spec, the all new Profec B-Spec II increases boost as easily and accurately as the original. Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller.

The PROFEC B II takes. APEXI. That said, let me now write. MORE THAN NEEDED about installing the GREDDY : )Before I provide install. It was not designed to provide an. VACUUM reading. When I set up my PROFEC, it was.

The Greddy Profec B-Spec boost controller is designed for high performance turbo. II's basic function to increase boost is as.

I emailed GREDDY about. You may. also wonder if the unit is reading boost correctly - -. The unit will record.

PEAK BOOST which you can look at after a run to. RESET the Peak. Boost reading, do another quick run, and and you can. PEAK BOOST for that run. The latest PEAK BOOST. So, before you feel silly for. PROFEC. don't feel too bad..

INSTALLATIONBasically you are going to follow. TT. net for the APEXI unit, but. There are a few other PROFEC. I'm trying to. find another one that I ran across so I can add that link. Here. are my thoughts on the process.

Wiring. I ran the Greddy control solenoid. I decided to take an Exacto knife. From there, just locate the harness. DIN unit. I have mine routed above all the A/C. ECU. There was plenty of cable to reach. DIN pocket with enough slack (maybe a foot) for.

If you need to extend the wire for. Now splice in the 1. V power (red). from the Greddy harness into the clock harness (1. V switched line. - green). Connect a spade or ring connector to the ground (black). Boost Gauge. Hose. If you already have an aftermarket.

PROFEC, you're in luck. I cut the nylon hose to my. Autometer and used small sections of 1/4. Make sure the vacuum line isn't loose around the. If the existing boost gauge hose.

Greddy hose you run, you might. Greddy - - I'm. actually have not confirmed if this is a fact - - let me know if. As seen above, my AUTOMETER gauge uses a very thin. NYLON tube, which is a nice material for running through the.

The PROFEC uses 4mm (~3/1. The Autometer reads. PSI (analog) while the Greddy reads 1. This difference is small enough that a) it doesn't. My Autometer nylon line is tapped. I used to have it set up on the FPR line, but I found it.

Three boost gauges on one line (stock, Autometer. Profec). If you have any questions about how to get this line. BOOST. GAUGE install TECH. Wastegate. Hoses. The wastegate vacuum hoses are.

Greddy control solenoid. Unplug stock. wastegate hoses connected to nipples on the intercooler pipes. Throttle Bodies. Once disconnected, take a long. Cut. the loop in half in front of the radiator, use a 1/4. Then run a short line down to.

NO port on the Greddy control solenoid. Then, with one of the original. Wrap around radiator and. Cut this loop in half like you did on the first, and. Run a short line down to COM. Greddy control solenoid. You can optionally remove.

T' together in front of the radiator. Greddy control solenoid. Either use ZIP TIES or appropriate. To see a great example.

Now unplug the wastegate solenoid. It's honestly that simple! MOUNTING LOCATIONI did a lot of seaching and. I like installation.

I liked the idea of. DEEP- PURPLE). However, I. I had an airbag warning. I didn't want to remove. I. didn't want to cut off the lower dash plastic clips. Although. very cool, the process looked quite extensive, requring time and. Props to Deep- Purple for the good job, though!

Here's another GREAT idea - - buy. HKS DIN fascia! At $7. GREDDY units and. Fuel Pressure or maybe a voltmeter : ) I assume. Next I thought the stock clock. But my clock still works. Iransong Music Download.

I figured I'd keep it there. I decided to mount the unit in the. DIN POCKET. I didn't want to buy and shape a piece of ABS. Profec box. I. didn't like the way the unit looked sitting at the bottom of the.

DIN pocket (plus dust could settle on it that way). I also wanted. it to be . So, I decided to mount it. DIN pocket, and I think it turned. I did some markings on the plastic. DREMEL. I wanted it to look like it was. I ground down a bit of the DIN finisher to.

PROFEC unit, as you can see in the two pictures. In the rear, I simply cut a. GREDDY for easier access to the. I hooked up all the. THIN. double- sided foam supplied with the unit to mount it to the top.

I wanted to push it back just a bit. I wanted, but the FLUSH. I think the look is good, great. The. double- sided foam holds the unit firmly - doesn't move at all. Also, by using the DIN pocket, if I ever.

I don't like the mount area I can replace the DIN pocket. I can still stuff. CD jewel cases in the pocket, or a ticket from. Highway Patrol : )TUNING/SETUPI have not tuned my PROFEC yet as. I'm fighting right now - namely, poor.

RPM. My boost is setup up stock. I was boosting 1. Once I get that figured out, I will actually put this thing. Anyway - here are a few links I. PROFEC. ASH: Recommended Settings.