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Full Throttle Free Download Windows 8

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Full Throttle (1. This article is about the 1. For other uses, see Full Throttle. Full Throttle is a 1. Lucas. Arts and designed by Tim Schafer.

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Full Throttle Free Download Windows 8

It was Schafer's first game as project lead and head writer and designer, after having worked on other Lucas. Arts titles including The Secret of Monkey Island (1.

Monkey Island 2: Le. Chuck's Revenge (1. Day of the Tentacle (1. Set in the near future, the game's story follows Ben, the leader of a biker gang, who is framed for the murder of a beloved motorcycle manufacturing mogul and seeks to clear his and his gang's names. Full Throttle was Lucas. Arts' eleventh adventure game overall and the tenth to use the company's in- house game engine, SCUMM.

It featured full motion video and action sequences, using a new in- house engine called INSANE (INteractive Streaming ANimation Engine). It was the first Lucas. Arts game to be released for Microsoft Windows and the first to be distributed only on CD- ROM.

It also introduced a contextual pie menu through which the player controls interactions with objects and characters. In contrast to other computer games of the era, which mostly relied on in- house talent for their voice acting, Full Throttle used mostly professional voice actors, including Roy Conrad as Ben, Mark Hamill as the villainous Adrian Ripburger, Hamilton Camp as the elderly Malcolm Corley, and Kath Soucie as Ben's ally Maureen.

It was one of the few Lucas. Arts games to use licensed music, featuring songs by San Francisco- area rock band The Gone Jackals. A remastered version of the game is currently under development at Schafer's Double Fine Productions and is due for release in 2. By positioning the cursor, represented by crosshairs, and clicking the left mouse button, the player causes Ben to move around a scene. In certain contexts the cursor will become an arrow (if Ben is on foot) or a directional road sign (if Ben is riding his motorcycle); clicking these causes Ben to travel to another scene.

Dialogue options are presented near the bottom of the screen. Lucas. Arts's previous graphic adventure, Sam & Max Hit the Road (1. Full Throttle continued to refine on the changes introduced in Sam & Max Hit the Road: Objects or characters with which Ben can interact are indicated by a red square appearing around the cursor's crosshairs when the cursor is placed over the object. When this occurs, holding down the left mouse button causes a contextual pie menu to appear in the shape of the emblem of Ben's biker gang: a flaming circle topped by a skull and flanked by a boot and a gloved hand.

The player hovers the cursor over elements of the emblem and then releases the mouse button to attempt various interactions with the object; for example, selecting the skull's mouth to speak to a character, its eyes to examine an object, or the hand to pick up, use, or pull the object. Right- clicking anywhere on the screen brings up the player's inventory of collected objects, which can be examined or dragged and dropped in order to use them with other items in the inventory or with objects or characters in the scene. These gameplay features would be further developed for The Curse of Monkey Island (1. As with other Lucas. Arts graphic adventure games of the era, dialogue plays a large part in the game, presenting story elements and information necessary to advance.

During conversations with other characters, several choices of dialogue are presented, allowing the player to choose the path of conversation and ultimately advance the scene by selecting the correct choice of words. In the future year 2. The last domestic motorcycle manufacturer in the country is Corley Motors, whose founder and CEO, the elderly Malcolm Corley, is en route to a shareholders meeting at the Corley factory, accompanied by his vice president, Adrian Ripburger. Malcolm suspects that Ripburger is scheming to take over the company, and is suspicious of Ripburger's plan to recruit a biker gang to ride with them to the meeting. Malcolm's limousine is overtaken by one such gang, the Polecats, and he is immediately impressed with them. Catching up to them at a biker bar, he quickly befriends their leader, Ben.

Ripburger offers to hire the Polecats to escort Malcolm to the meeting, but when Ben declines, he is knocked out by Ripburger's flunkies, Bolus and Nestor. Ben awakens to learn that the Polecats have been duped into escorting Malcolm, and that an ambush is planned for them further up the road. He tries to catch up, but his motorcycle has been sabotaged, resulting in a fiery crash. He is rescued by young photographer Miranda and taken to the town of Melonweed, where he is treated by a mechanic named Maureen. Free Download Media Clip For Nokia Asha 306 there. Maureen describes how her father taught her about motorcycles, and repairs Ben's bike after he retrieves necessary parts, adding a booster to it as well. Ben catches up to the Polecats at a rest area, but is too late: Ripburger murders Malcolm and frames the Polecats for the crime.

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