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Linuxmania: Fedora 8 . It aims to be innovative and simpleconserver- client. Serial console clientcontact- lookup- applet. Contact Lookup Appletdynamite. Extract data compressed with PKWARE Data Compression Libraryefax. A program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2. The world's most popular Open Source IRC botekiga.

A Gnome based SIP/H3. GNOME Instant Messaging Clientepic. An irc. II chat clientgnokii. Linux/Unix tool suite for various mobile phonesgnome- pilot. GNOME pilot . Financeperl- Font- AFM1. Perl interface to Adobe Font Metrics filesperl- Font- TTF0.

Perl library for modifying TTF font filesperl- Freeze. Thaw. 0. 4. 3Convert Perl structures to strings and backperl- Frontier- RPC0. A Perl interface for making and serving XML- RPC callsperl- GD2. Perl interface to the GD graphics libraryperl- GD- Barcode.

Create barcode image with GDperl- GD- SVG0. GDperl- GDGraph. 1. Graph generation package for Perlperl- GDGraph.

D graph generation package for Perlperl- GDText. Util. 0. 8. 6Text utilities for use with GDperl- GPS0. Net Md Walkman Driver Software Windows 7.

Perl interface to a GPS receiver that implements the Garmin protocolperl- GPS- PRN0. Package for PRN - Object ID conversionsperl- GSSAPI0. Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv. GStreamer. 0. 0. 9Perl bindings to the GStreamer frameworkperl- GTop. Perl interface to libgtopperl- Gearman.

Distributed job systemperl- Gearman- Client- Async. Asynchronous Client for the Gearman distributed job systemperl- Geo- Constants. Standard Geoperl- Geo- Ellipsoids. Standard Geoperl- Geo- Forward. Calculate geographic location from lat, lon, distance, and headingperl- Geo- Functions. Standard Geoperl- Geo- IP1. Efficient Perl bindings for the Geo.

IP location databaseperl- Geo- Inverse. Calculate geographic distance from a lat & lon pairperl- Geo- METAR1. Perl module for accessing aviation weather informationperl- Geography- Countries.

Git. 1. 5. 3. 4. Perl interface to Gitperl- Glib. Perl interface to GLibperl- Gnome. Canvas. 1. 0. 02. An engine for structured graphics in Gnome. Gnome. 2- GConf. 1. Perl wrappers for the GConf configuration engineperl- Gnome. Print. 1. 0. 00. Perl wrappers for the Gnome Print utilitiesperl- Gnome.

VFS1. 0. 61. Perl interface to the 2. GNOME VFS libraryperl- Gnu. PG- Interface. 0. Perl interface to Gnu. PGperl- Graph. 0. Perl module for dealing with graphs, the abstract data structuresperl- Graph.

Viz. 2. 0. 2Interface to the Graph. Viz graphing toolperl- Graphics- Color. Names. 1. 0. 6Defines RGB values for common color namesperl- Gtk. Perl interface to the 2. Gimp Toolkit libraryperl- Gtk.

Ex- Calendar. Button. Gtk. 2perl- Gtk. 2- Ex- Carp. GTK+ friendly die() and warn() functionsperl- Gtk. Ex- Dialogs. 0. 1. Useful tools for Gnome. Gtk. 2 Perl GUI designperl- Gtk.

Ex- Pod. Viewer. 0. A Gtk. 2 widget for displaying Plain old Documentation (POD)perl- Gtk. Ex- Simple- List. Simple interface to Gtk. MVC list widgetperl- Gtk. Ex- Utils. 0. 0. 9Extra Gtk.

Utilities for working with Gnome. Gtk. 2 in Perlperl- Gtk.

Glade. XML1. 0. 06. Create user interfaces directly from Glade XML filesperl- Gtk. Notify. 0. 0. 3Perl interface to libnotifyperl- Gtk. Sexy. 0. 0. 2Perl interface to the sexy widget collectionperl- Gtk.

Spell. 1. 0. 3Gtk. Gtk. 2- Tray. Icon. Perl interface to the Egg. Tray. Icon libraryperl- HTML- Encoding.

Determine the encoding of HTML/XML/XHTML documentsperl- HTML- Format. HTML formatter modulesperl- HTML- Format.

Text- With. Links. HTML to text conversion with links as footnotesperl- HTML- Mason. Powerful Perl- based web site development and delivery engineperl- HTML- Parser. Perl module for parsing HTMLperl- HTML- Scrubber. Library for scrubbing/sanitizing htmlperl- HTML- Table. Create HTML tables using simple interfaceperl- HTML- Table.

Extract. 2. 1. 0A Perl module for extracting content in HTML tablesperl- HTML- Tagset. HTMLperl- HTML- Template.

Perl module to use HTML Templatesperl- HTML- Template- Expr. Expression support extension for HTMLperl- HTML- Tree. HTML tree handling modules for Perlperl- HTTP- Body.

HTTP Body Parserperl- HTTP- Browser. Detect. 0. 9. 9Determine the Web browser, version, and platform from an HTTP user agent stringperl- HTTP- DAV0. Web. DAV client library for Perl. HTTP- Proxy. 0. 2.

A pure Perl HTTP proxyperl- HTTP- Recorder. Record interaction with web sitesperl- HTTP- Request- As. CGI0. 5. Setup a CGI enviroment from a HTTPperl- HTTP- Request- Params. Retrieve GET/POST Parameters from HTTP Requestsperl- HTTP- Server- Simple. Very simple standalone HTTP daemonperl- HTTP- Server- Simple- Mason.

HTTPperl- Hash- Case. Base class for hashes with key- casing requirementsperl- Hash- With. Defaults. 0. 0. 4Class for hashes with key- casing requirements supporting defaultsperl- Heap. Perl extension for keeping data partially sortedperl- Hook- Lex. Wrap. 0. 2. 0Lexically scoped subroutine wrappersperl- IO- AIO2. Asynchronous Input/Outputperl- IO- All.

IOperl- IO- Capture. Abstract Base Class to build modules to capture outputperl- IO- Capture.