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2009 Illustrated Wisconsin Plumbing Code Design Manual

Anti- Scald Hot Water Regulations & Temperatures. Inspect. APedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Hot water temperature code, laws & regulations listed by authority, country, state or province. This article gives the allowable limits set on hot water temperatures for hot water used in buildings and compares regulations in various countries.

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2009 Illustrated Wisconsin Plumbing Code Design Manual

Most other countries provide a single hot water temperature limit for water provided at plumbing fixtures and a separate hot water maintenance level for temperatures within the water heater itself. Green links show where you are. Health & Human Services, Guidelines for Construction & Equipment of Hospital & Medical. Facilities, HRP - 0. JUL8. 4, avail. Federal Regulations on Hot Water Scald Protection.

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2009 Illustrated Wisconsin Plumbing Code Design Manual

According to Domestic Hot Water Scald Burn Lawsuits.. Bynum et als., there are three different federal standards for limits on safe hot water temperatures. Health & Human Services, Guidelines for Construction & Equipment of Hospital & Medical Facilities, HRP - 0. JUL8. 4, avail. Table of States or Provinces Adopting Anti- Scald Plumbing Codes. Hot Sater Scald Protection Code Citations for Australia, Britain, Canada, France, New Zealand, U. K., United States, Other Areas.

United States Anti- Scald Codes & Regulations. States or Provinces. Adopted Plumbing Code Adopted Date or Edition. States including. Delaware. Illinois.

Indiana. Kansas. Maine. Massachussetts. Michigan. Missouri. New Hampshire. New York. Ohio. Oklahoma. Pennsylvania. Utah. Vermont. Virginia. West Virginia. International Plumbing Code 1.

Max 1. 20. New York City: Multiple Dwelling Law . Hot water must register at or above a constant temperature of 1.

If a tub or shower is equipped with an anti- scald valve that prevents the hot water temperature from exceeding 1. New York City Housing Maintenance Code and NY State Multiple Dwelling Law require building owners to provide heat nd hot water to all tenants, providing hot water 3.

States. Connecticut. Maryland. New Jersey. North Dakota. South Dakota. National Standard Plumbing Code (PHCC) (1.

Max 1. 20. 1. 99. States. Kentucky. Minnesota. Wisconsin.

State Code Not Yet Committed Nebraska. A4. 0 1. 99. 3 Safety Standard for Plumbing (ANSI/MCA/PHCC/IAPMO)1.

States or districts for which hot water temperature limits have not been identified in the U. S. District of Columbia. Rhode Island. Vermont. The higher storage considers the effort to reduce the risk of Legionella bacteria formation in the system. A change was made to the Ontario Building Code making anti- scald devices mandatory.

See the French National Standards Organization AFNOR (website www. French National Testing Authority (CSTB) (www. Netherlands hot water laws. References: www. kiwa. Legionella bacteria in hot water systems. Typical sources give the ideal hot water temperature setting for hot water cylinders in New Zealand as 6. Higher temperature settings in the cylinder are not necessary and increase water heating costs.

These valves are intended to prevent scalding in locations such as homes, schools, motels and residential premises, where ideally all hot water outlets should be sourced from a tempering valve. Provides for valves suitable for water inlet temperatures of up to 1. C. Notes. Similar regulations have been in force in Scotland since 2. Risk of severe injury increases proportionally with the increase in temperature and with the extent of contact. Fittings Used for Personal Hygiene To prevent scalding, the temperature of hot water discharged from, or to, any bath or bidet should not exceed 4. C. Where hot and cold water are supplied to a fitting, this may be achieved by use of a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) or fitting. Such valves or fittings should comply with BS EN 1.

BS EN 1. 28. 7. Guidance on the installation, use and maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves and fittings can be found in BRE information Paper IP 1. Thermostatic Mixing Valve Association (TMVA) - www. Additional reglations may yet be pending, under study by the Building Research Establishment (BRE, www. Department of Transport, Local Government and REgions (DTLR). Proposed hot water storage temperature is 6. Quoting: Body overheating can occur in natural spas and hot tubs, where water temperatures may be above 4.

High temperatures can cause drowsiness, which may lead. Press, 1. 99. 1; see Section 2. In addition, high temperatures can lead.

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